Resources for Digging Deeper into Object Oriented PHP

Being a developer can be really tough: you have to create and maintain (sometimes complex) structures and in the same time you have to stick to shorter deadlines. Some developers think that the main aim of their job is to produce code which works. I’d say it’s the easy part of our work: the other difficult part is to build applications you can scale easily without passing hours in refactoring. »

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PHP string functions reminder

Sometimes, when I’m developing an application, I have a blackout: what’s the name of this function ? What are its arguments ? I like having reminder sheets beside me and find out in a second. In my point of view PDF sheets reminder can be really useful: If you are a novice developer it can teach you what functions are really useful in everyday developments. We all forget things. »

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Methods and Advices for Learning as a Web Developer

Last update: 2018-05-14 Are you ready to be a super ninja warrior (maybe cyclop) developer? You said web development? You might ask yourself: who is this guy who write an article about “learning as a web developer”? Can I trust his opinions and experiences? First of all let me present myself: I am a web developer working for companies for more than 7 years now. Before that I was programming already for fun. »

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Installing Ghost on a LAMP Debian Wheezy

I saw a Ghost! Ghost is a blog engine I discovered a few days ago. It’s light, fast and very easy to configure and maintain. It’s totally content oriented and everything is done for a good readability on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. In my opinion, it’s everything you could ask for in a blog. Technically Ghost is based on NodeJS which means it’s incredibly fast. Forget all the heavy blog solutions like WordPress. »

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