How to Learn a Programming Language in Three Steps

Learning a programming language can be very enjoyable when you try to learn it the good way. After all, programming is the basis for building software, to create something out of nothing. I see programming as a game: it’s mainly about logic, and logic is fun to mess around with. A game you can create something with. Isn’t that super cool? In this article, I will describe the process I used to learn the programming languages I know. »

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Programming Project Ideas: How to Generate Your Own Personal Ideas

You’re sitting at your desk, searching for hours on the Holy Internet for something you need. You want to create a superb product and be rich, or you just want to improve some technical skills you lack for your dream job. You want to build a great programming project. But you miss something. This is something so simple but so difficult sometimes to grasp. Something everybody speaks about but only a group of initiate really knows what its true meaning. »

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The Guide for Debating And Arguing Effectively as a Software Developer

What does it mean to be a software developer? A lot of developers out there, even with a lot of experience, will speak about writing code with good performance. They will speak about design pattern, microservices, languages (and why the ones they know are better) and code syntax. They will throw to you a diatribe full of technical jargon. Is it really it? We have tendency to forget that being a software developer means dealing all day long with humans. »

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Learn Computer Science by Yourself - My Journey (100 Hours)

Last update: 2019-02-03 Computer science and software development: is it useful to have a glimpse of it as a software developer? To know at least the basics? Is it interesting? Could it bring value to a developer? If you ask yourself these questions as well, dear reader, and you don’t want to invest time (yet) learning computer science, I can give you my impressions, what I learned and how I did it alone. »

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MySQL Command Line Tool: Unleash the Power of mycli

I had a mission, for many years. This quest led me to do innumerable Google searches, trying new tools to finally give up each time. I was feeling like a knight fighting the same dragon again and again, and the dragon was always winning. Where was the happy ending? As Perceval wanted to find the Holy Grail, I wanted to find a good interface for MySQL. I was using MySQL Workbench, like everybody. »

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Judging Quickly Features as 'Easy' to Implement: a Wrong Habit

Once upon a time, in the magic Startup Land, there was a fearful backend developer who needed to implement a new functionality. He was working on a back office for movie producers to upload their movies. These movies could then be rented on a VOD platform. Did you hear about Netflix? Same spirit, except that a customer can rent each individual movies instead of paying a subscription. After uploading their movies, the producers could choose in what country they would be available. »

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8 Steps to Find the Best Web Developer Job

Here you are! In front of a powerful CTO of the best we-will-disturb-the-market startup in town. You answered a job offer promising money and glory, soon they will be all yours. To warm you, the mighty CTO begins to ask you to draw a B-Tree on a shiny whiteboard. Easy peasy, you draw a wonderful tree you saw in a garden today. Then, he gives you a sheet of paper to test “your skills”. »

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Anemic Domain Model vs Rich Domain Model with Examples

Today is a great day: you will begin to develop the new greenfield project of the soon-very-successful startup you work for as a PHP magician. You and Dave (your colleague developer) have been chosen to develop this new application. Finally you will do something else than fixing and refactoring crappy code from old PHP 4 spaghetti projects! Everything begins well. You set up the project’s backbones quickly and Dave is in charge to implement the first functionalities. »

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Side Projects for Software Developers: Tools and Practices

Last update: 2019-03-10. Here we are! This is the second article from my series explaining how to succeed with your side projects. The first part is here. I’m sure by know you read the first part every time you go to bed, so you won’t have difficulties to link it to this article. If not, I would advise you to read it. Otherwise the benefit you can get from this article won’t be as valuable. »

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