Learn Computer Science by Yourself - My Journey (100 Hours)

Last update: 2019-02-03 Computer science and software development: is it useful to have a glimpse of it as a software developer? To know at least the basics? Is it interesting? Could it bring value to a developer? If you ask yourself these questions as well, dear reader, and you don’t want to invest time (yet) learning computer science, I can give you my impressions, what I learned and how I did it alone. »

10 min. read

Methods and Advices for Learning as a Web Developer

Last update: 2018-05-14 Are you ready to be a super ninja warrior (maybe cyclop) developer? You said web development? You might ask yourself: who is this guy who write an article about “learning as a web developer”? Can I trust his opinions and experiences? First of all let me present myself: I am a web developer working for companies for more than 7 years now. Before that I was programming already for fun. »

19 min. read