SOLID and STUPID principles reminder

Here you can download a reminder for the SOLID principles and their counterpart, the STUPID principles.

The SOLID principles are considered has good practices to follow unlike the STUPID principles that you should avoid.

Those principles are very important if you want to create scalable and efficient structures. You need to keep them in mind when you develop an application.

I think every developer should know them, should know how to explain them and should know how to apply them in a genuine project.

There are a lot of articles or youtube videos about these principles, the only aim of these reminders is to trigger your memory.

Moreover in a lot of job interviews people asked me to explain some of those principles.

You can print these reminders and put it everywhere you want ;)

Obviously if you have suggestions or improvements you can always let a comment.

SOLID principles reminder

STUPID principles reminder

I did as well a short presentation of the SOLID principle in one of the company I worked with. It is a simple explanation of every SOLID principles. Here the presentation:

SOLID principles presentation (ODP)

SOLID principles presentation (PDF)