PHP 7.2: the pitfalls to avoid for a better and cleaner code

What are the pitfalls to avoid with this new version of PHP and its new functionalities? As my previous article on PHP 7 scalar and return types pitfalls, instead of describing the new super cool features of this perfect PHP 7.2, I will describe what can be dangerous for the good health of your application. As Ward Cunningham stated it: “You know you are working on clean code when each routine you read turns out to be pretty much what you expected. »

6 min. read

10 tips to become a better web developer

I had a dream! This dream was to write an article with a title beginning by “10 tips to…”. I don’t normally like them so much (yes, they are often pure clickbait) but let’s face it, humans like lists. That’s why we have the ul tag in HTML. When I finished to write this article and I counted how many parts I had, I was so full of joy and love! »

13 min. read

Methods and advices for learning as a web developer

Are you ready to be a super ninja warrior (maybe cyclop) developer? You said web development? You might ask yourself: who is this guy who write an article about “learning as a web developer”? Can I trust his opinions and experiences? Is it again an article which has no content whatsoever or so vague I won’t learn anything and never put my feet again on Internet and watching television all day because they say the Truth in there? »

20 min. read